Thursday, January 16, 2014

First Post-Surgical CT Scan

Yesterday I had my first post-surgical CT scan.  This is described on the report as a “restaging” scan.  Dr. Chan showed me the before and after scans. There are a lot fewer white areas or tumors now.  The only impression that was in the report was “mild associated mesenteric fat stranding and nodularity is noted, likely postsurgical in etiology”.  Dr. Chan said this is because I have not fully healed from the surgery as it was only 4 months ago.  I’m not really sure exactly what “fat stranding” is and after googling it, I’m still in the dark.  As long as the doctor is not too concerned, neither am I.  The remaining few small tumors in my liver stayed unchanged. 

I am mostly recovered from my surgery but I still do have some lingering gastrointestinal stress.  This can manifest itself in very bad gas pains, both in my chest and abdominal area.  I have not identified a particular food or time of day that could be the cause of this discomfort.  Sometime it lasts for 5-6 hours before going away.  I occasionally have massive diarrhea, similar to a colonoscopy prep that is quite disruptive and disturbing.   I had this twice in December. I know the first time was because I ate too much fatty food, but the other time I did not so couldn’t identify the cause.  I have not had the really bad diarrhea in January yet so hopefully that problem has passed.   Dr. Chan suggested I try Prilosec this month to see if it alleviates the gas problem. 
All in all, I’m doing ok and today marks my new CT baseline.