Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sandostatin LAR – Follow Up

Yesterday I had my monthly Sandostatin shot.  I mentioned to my doctor that I still had hematomas from the last two shots. He said that sometimes happens and I should not worry about it.  I’ve been going to this doctor for about 11 months now.  During the the first four months I had Nurse 1 who gave perfect sandostatin shots. For the next six months, I had Nurse 2 and three of the six shots gave me hematomas, including two shots in a row in November and December.  Today, much to my surprise, Nurse 1 was back!  I was so excited I almost hugged her.  She was perplexed that I was so happy – it was pretty funny – probably not her typical reaction when giving a shot.  I asked her if I could specifically request her in the future. She said that she usually works Wednesday and Friday.  Now I know when to schedule my shot appointments. Hopefully the hematoma problem is now solved.