Saturday, October 27, 2012

Insurance Woes -- and an update

Throughout my cancer experience my doctor or hospital system has submitted my insurance claims.  I am quite lucky that I have very good coverage through my employer. Owen also has good healthcare so I use his plan as my secondary coverage.  After my visit to Dr. Warner last week, I submitted the bill to my primary insurer, Aetna.  (Dr. Warner does not take any insurance).  Today I received a rejection of my claim. I’m not sure if it is because of the procedure code or an issue with my secondary coverage.  I called Aetna to ask but they are closed on weekends.  Now I have to call from work to figure out the problem. I usually work 50-70 hours a week so it is hard to find time to remember to deal with insurance issues.  I realize now how lucky I am that my doctors have been handling this for me.

I am scheduled to have a small bowel x-ray series on Monday morning.  Monday is also the day that we are supposed to be hit by hurricane Sandy.  I wonder if that is an omen about doing all these diagnostic tests!  I hope I can just get the test done - or if they are going to cancel the appointment, that they give me a few hours notice. 

That’s all I have to report this week.  I’m planning to go out and get some extra water and batteries in case we lose power.

Update as of Monday afternoon:  Last night, the radiology group called to cancel my small bowel x-rays in plenty of time, thank goodness.  I called Aetna and they said that they did not process the claim properly and will resubmit it and I should get payment within a week or so.  The hurricane still has not hit here in NYC but it is quite windy.  One of my friends in NJ had to be evacuated.  As of now, the power is still on and things are ok.  My office was closed today and will be tomorrow as well.  I'm hoping all goes well as the worst is yet to come.