Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Wow, it was really damaging here.  I live below 40th Street on the East side of Manhattan and we have no power, cell phone, internet, or landline service.  They say we will not have anything until the weekend, maybe!  My office, however, in midtown has full power and services so I expect to be there a lot this week.

Below are some pictures:

Williamsburg Bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan
  Unfortunately, I live on the Manhattan (dark) side of this bridge.  Brooklyn is all alight with power.

La Guardia Airport
 Above is La Guardia Airport - still flooded and not sure when it will reopen.  I'm glad I'm not flying this week.  They have not cancelled the New York marathon for Sunday but I'm guessing a lot of runners will not get here.

Downtown NYC Subway Station
The above photo is a subway station in downtown NYC.  They have not reopened the subway but I think tomorrow there will be service above 34th street in Manhattan. 

I'm happy to be safe but I think the no power thing could wear on me soon.  The only hospitals in Manhattan that are working well are NY Presbyterian and Mount Sinai.  Some of the big hospitals like Bellevue,  New York University Medical Center and Beth Israel were evacuated when the power went out and the generators were flooded. 

Many people are much worse off than I am - especially in NJ.

That's it from NYC!