Monday, August 26, 2013

The Big Wedding!

Saturday was my niece’s wedding!  It was a big fancy affair in Boston.  The weather was perfect and the bride and groom were very happy.  My brother (father of the bride) spent the whole last year trying to convince Erin to go to Las Vegas and elope and came up with a cheaper alternative to all of her wedding ideas. That was all to no avail as the wedding was in a beautiful location right on the Boston Harbor with all the accoutrements. 
Everything was excellent – the company, food and entertainment.  A good time was had by all.

When I started going to Dana Farber for my cancer care in January, I said to myself that if they said I needed surgery, I would have it because the people I have spoken with who are carcinoid patients from Dana Farber are not always recommended for surgery, as they are at some other places.  When they did recommend me for surgery last April, I said that I would like to hold off on that until after my niece’s wedding in August.  Both Drs. Chan and Clancy thought that I should do it sooner.   I needed to get myself comfortable with the concept of surgery and I wanted to be in good condition for Erin’s wedding so that I did not take any undue attention away from the bride by being sick Aunt Beth.  I also did not want to have surgery in the summer when a lot of medical personnel are new in their roles and/or on vacation.  Since I am asymptomatic, I figured it would be ok.  So far so good.  Today I came back to work and one of my coworkers asked me what I will be doing now that the wedding is over and I said focusing on my upcoming surgery – not quite as fun!

At the wedding, several people came up to me and started asking questions about my cancer.  These were people I did not know or knew only as acquaintances.  I was not really in the mood to talk about my cancer at the wedding.  I deferred the cancer talk and changed the subject.  Since I have a small family, they must have figured that I was the Aunt with cancer.   Ugh…

So, while Erin and John are honeymooning in Europe, I will start thinking about listening to those calming meditations about reframing my thoughts to a more positive place and positioning myself for surgical success.  My pre-op appointment is on September 6th so that’s my next engagement before the surgery.  Here’s to keeping myself calm and serene in the upcoming weeks.