Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Surgery is Over

The surgery seems to have gone well.  Instead of a hemicolectomy, they left my colon alone but removed two large tumors plus about 100 cm of my small intestine.  The doctor did not remove my gallbladder which is ok with me because I'm not having any trouble with it. Dr. Clancy said that he got 90% of the tumors out which is excellent.

The recovery could take time.  I still have a NG tube and about 4 IV's with different medications in them.  I still have a catheter as well.  They are also giving me  heparin to avoid blood clots and I still have an epidural for pain management.

I've been up and walking around and out of bed in a chair for the better part of the day.  I am quite fatigued though.  I will follow up when there is something new to report and I am feeling a bit better.